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One-stop service experienced and professional mold making company

DAYSTAR specializes in the manufacture of high quality plastic injection molds, with high and strict quality control to ensure the excellent quality of the products.

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We will provide you with product design, mould manufacturing, injection moulding services

Daystar has senior European industry design consultants and has an industrial product design department in Europe. The company’s precision plastic mold practitioners have been engaged in mold design for export to Europe. Therefore, the material requirements, hardness requirements, and size requirements for European precision plastic molds are even The requirements for screws are well understood. Because we have been dealing with European customers for a long time, we understand customer needs and quality requirements better than ordinary mold processing factories.

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Complete set of processing equipment!

We have a full set of processing equipment, the whole process is completed in the factory to ensure the quality of plastic moulds and delivery on time.

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Professional team& technology

Simplify your supply chain with single-supplier sourcing from early prototyping to low-volume production.

As a one-stop service provider for precision plastic mould development design, manufacturing and injection moulding, we can quickly manufacture parts in a single day.

At the same time, comply with industry quality standards and reduce costs throughout the product lifecycle.

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